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For over 16 years, Austin has been rising through the mortgage broking ranks; he began this journey at age 24 and quickly rose to the top of one of Australia’s largest broking firms.

Austin started his own firm, Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers, 9 years ago and since then Zanda’s broking presence has expanded substantially, with Austin being listed in the top 5 brokers in the state with Connective. This achievement reflects the results in numbers which in turn reflects client satisfaction. 

Austin and Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers operate with a no-nonsense approach to their work. Their company ethos is formed on the statement “we’re here to get the job done” and Austin is big on providing quality information to his clients.

“We don’t want to sugar-coat information just to make it sound better to the client. Not only do we want to let the clients know what they can do; we also want to let them know what they can’t do” says the business owner.

Austin is big on helping clients protect themselves; “we’re here to guide the client appropriately so they can achieve what they want to achieve but also not get themselves into trouble”.

Chatting with Zanda’s clients reveals a deep loyalty that they feel to the company and to Austin himself; “we wouldn’t deal with anyone else” says Mark Dorsett.

“We couldn’t have done it without Austin and his team” says long-term clients Okke and Linda Velzeboer, who recently upsized their family home and needed bridging finance.

“I’ve been dealing with Austin for many years now, and with multiple transactions and wouldn’t be interested in dealing with anyone else” says long-term client and investor Michael Hamdan.

Clients Fiona and Sam Hurst recently purchased their first home – “when we first were looking to buy our home we had no idea how it all worked and Austin and his team made us feel comfortable with everything and helped us into our first home. Couldn’t be more grateful.”

Everyone needs a good mortgage broker; if you want an exemplary broker with a down-to-earth, honest approach, get in touch with Zanda Wealth Mortgage Brokers. They have been emerging as top performers in the field – and with good reason.

Office: Level 1, 1024 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

George and his team at Your Loan Doctor are dedicated and passionate about providing a client-centred service for all customers to ensure their needs and goals are met.  Your Loan Doctor are passionate about ensuring their customers feel supported when it comes to navigating the complex world of mortgages. 

George is an industry recognised award-winning mortgage broker with a wealth of knowledge and real life experience. He has a Bachelor of Commerce, Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management and is an accredited member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia. Some of his industry achievements and awards include:

  • 2018 – The Advisor, Better Business Awards: Best Customer Service Individual Category (Finalist)
  • 2018 – Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia Excellence Awards: 2018 Young Professional Awards (Finalist)
  • 2019 – The Advisor, Better Business Awards: Best Community Engagement Program Individual category (Finalist) 
  • 2019 – The Advisor, Better Business Awards: Rising Star (Finalist)
  • 2019 – The Advisor, Better Business Awards: Best Customer Service Individual (Finalist)
  • 2020 – Word of Mouth Service Award
  • 2021 – Australian Small Business Champion Award: Financial Servies Category (Finalist)
  • 2021 – The Advisor, Better Business Awards: Wellness Advocate of the Year (Winner)
  • 2022/2023 Financial Year – “Elite Broker” Commonwealth Bank 
  • 2023 – Word of Mouth Service Award

George’s expertise and service comes highly recommended by his customers which includes first home buyers, families, expats and investors and returning customers looking to refinance or expand their property portfolio. In every case, the customers of Your Loan Doctor receive individualised solutions tailored specifically to their unique financial situation to ensure they achieve the best possible outcome. 

The team at Your Loan Doctor are always complimented on their communication skills and approach with their clients. They are determined to ensure their customers not only achieve their home and investment ownership goals but also walk away with a clear and concise understanding of each step of the process as well as a clear pathway to any future goals. 

You can hear more about the team at Your Loan Doctor and the experiences and testimonials of their customers here.

6/514 S Pine Rd, Everton Park QLD 4053

Jarrad is an experienced mortgage broker based in Brisbane, QLD, with 10
years of experience helping clients across the country get access to the
best loans from a range of lenders.

With a true passion for getting his clients the right loan, Jarrad is known for
his award winning, excellent service, exceptional knowledge of the industry
and his strong work ethic.

Jarrad specialises in all facets of home lending from helping first time
buyers navigate the buying process, assisting families build wealth
through investment property and even solving complex lending structures
– Jarrad has probably seen it before.

Jarrad works with the team at SkyBridge Finance and is available to help
with your home lending and finance needs.

Your trusted team of financial experts

Skybridge Finance is a fully accredited mortgage broking and financial
advisory firm of 16 people located in the hart of Brisbane CBD.

Originally a mortgage broking service, we have grown to provide a range
of complementary financial services to individuals and families across
lending home and commercial loans to car and equipment finance,
financial advice and retirement planning, superannuation and personal
insurance. We have done this as we believe it is in our clients’ best interests
to have the full picture of financial services available to them when making
financial plans and decisions. We fully believe it helps our clients achieve
better financial confidence and outcomes.

In a nutshell we reimagine debt, reduce risk and realise dreams – for our

Our aim is to maintain long-term loyal client relationships whereby we
gain satisfaction knowing we have helped our clients attain their financial
goals and where possible, exceed them.

It’s important to us to first and foremost listen to our clients and gain a real
understanding of where you are at in your life, what is important to you and
where you see yourself in 1-2 years, 5 years and 10 years’ time. By doing this we can take into account your current financial situation and your goals
and provide you with the best advice to help you achieve what is possible
now and into the future.

Whilst we are city-based, we also regularly meet our clients where it suits
them (at home or on zoom). We consider our service relatively mobile to
cater for busy people and lifestyles.

Skybridge Finance is a great choice because we:

  1. Take the time to understand our clients by discussing your needs and
    getting you to fill out our fact find.
  2. Are non-aligned to any provider (meaning we work for you, not the banks, insurers or superannuation companies).
  3. Are flexible and can meet you at a convenient location, phone call or Zoom.
  4. Are bound by industry licenses and accreditations.
  5. Maintain professional learning and development.

Skybridge Finance’s Mortgage Brokers are licensed members of the
Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and/or Finance
Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA). Each of our advisors are qualified
experts determined to achieve high quality results for our clients and their
personal situation.

Telephone: 1300 759 349
Email: [email protected]

Level 5/150 Edward Street
Brisbane City QLD 4000

George is an accredited mortgage consultant with the Mortgage Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and a member of Astute Financial Management.

Prior to joining the team at Astute East Brisbane George had a 7 year tenure in the mortgage and finance industry.

During this time he amassed considerable experience dealing with a complex and varied client base and was regularly recognised as an exceptional mortgage broker.

In fact George has assisted clients with more than $200 million in lending during this period. George is qualified to undertake residential and self-managed superannuation fund lending services and is accredited with a great number of banking and financial institutions.

This allows him to ensure the client is able to secure the optimal product for their needs.

George is an avid reader and always ensures he is up to date with current guidelines, policies and market conditions.

He aims to satisfy customer needs by providing fully comprehensive information regarding financial products.

George prioritises customer service and continues to be available for his clients whenever they require his services; long after the ink has dried.

He aims to develop ongoing relationships with his clients, who return to him for future endeavours.

Office: Level 7, 39 Sherwood Rd
Toowong, QLD 4066

Everything is possible. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Kelly was 10 when her grandparents’ home was sold and her and her family (grandparents, parents, uncle, brother and sister) were forced to rent.

Seeing her grandmother, a very stoic woman, upset at the kitchen sink, worrying about losing the house, a young Kelly made a decision to buy her grandmother another house when she got older.

Seeing the distress that not having a family home had on her family, Kelly made it her business to help people buy houses, and to achieve financial security through real estate investing.

Though she followed the well-trodden path of obtaining a degree and graduate diplomas in business, she took up an opportunity to work in Seoul, in a merchant bank in South Korea straight out of university.

Working in a country that was in the midst of a financial crisis was eye-opening, and rewarding, but her passion to work in finance and help people on a personal level led her to work back in Australia for one of the big four banks.

After one year though, she left the bank, and commenced working as a mortgage broker, keen to build more personal relationships with her clients and to make a real difference to the way people related to their money. Kelly set her goal to retire at 30, and after not finding the answer from many “financial” experts, she realised that she was going to have to work out how to do it.

At the age of 30, in fact on her 30th birthday, Kelly sold her first mortgage broking business in Brisbane, which she built from scratch and then she moved to Sydney. She had the intention of retiring, but after only 6 weeks off, she started another business, ‘Get Real Finance’.

After 2 years, she relocated the business back to Brisbane, and now services her interstate clients and her local clients.

Having found a “mentor” in John, a taxi driver, Kelly was keen to build her own financial security through real estate investing.

At 25, Kelly purchased her first home, (the home her grandparents now live in), and she has been buying (and selling occasionally) real estate ever since.

She has amassed a sizeable property portfolio and her clients benefit from the huge depth of her experience that she has in real estate purchases and real estate investing.

Kelly has helped people from all walks of life, in areas such as saving to buy their first place (whether that has been a home, or an investment property), or just helping people pull their lives back together after something traumatic.

Kelly is highly sought after, because of her technical skill in mortgage broking and deal structuring, and her negotiation skills. She is intensely passionate about her work as a mortgage broker, and she stays at the cutting edge of what is happening in the financial and property markets, which is of enormous benefit to her clients.

Office: 54a Hynes Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006″

I am a medical lending specialist and Mortgage Broker at MediPro Capital Finance.

Based in Brisbane they collaborate with Australian based medical professionals that include Doctors and Vets to capitalise on their lending opportunities.

They do this by providing tailored finance and loan solutions. This includes home and investment property loans, medical practice and fit out loans, refinance and release of equity loans, motor vehicle and medical asset and equipment finance.

He calls himself a Finance Engineer to differentiate from other mortgage brokers in the industry for a few reasons.

While being an engineer prior to obtaining his diploma in Finance Mortgage Broking and Management (FMBM) was an obvious reason, he also takes pride in his ability to solve problems.

His background in Project Management and experiences in property investing have proven to be extremely useful when it comes to working with complex scenarios and writing deals that others may shy away from.

Here is what some medical and business professionals have said:

“I amassed a whopping $17,500 per annum saving with MediPro. MediPro and are very dependable with their knowledge and contacts across the finance industry.” Yasmin D, Sydney.

“As a Director and a full-time Clinician, I really am time poor. MediPro were able to streamline everything for me. It was very simple and very easy. As someone who’s dealt with banks for many years, this was a heck of a lot easier.” Dr Terry King.

To find out more and experience our services, call 1300 DR LOAN (1300 375 626) or email [email protected].
Specialties: Finance solutions including home and investment property loans, medical practice and fit out loans, refinance and release of equity loans, motor vehicle and medical asset and equipment finance for Vets.

Ground floor
9 Hercules street,
Hamilton QLD 4007

She has been helping people live their dream of home ownership and making sure they have the loan that best suit their needs for over many years.

She works with first home buyers who have saved hard for many years and are ready to buy their first home and have no idea where to start. She is not only helps you get the loan that is most suitable, shealso helps you understand everything else they need to know (and didn’t) so you can focus on enjoying ‘setting up house’ without any worry”.


1. Speed and Convenience: She comes to you at a time and place that suits YOU, 7 days a week, wherever you live in Brisbane.

She respects your time and work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals as quickly and as stress-free as possible

2. Solutions not Sales:
She is in the Solutions Business not the Sales Business.

Consider her your personal Matchmaker between yourself and the Lender

She had proven time and again, that she can find solutions where your Bank can’t

Prior to becoming a broker, she worked at the Commonwealth Bank for many years in various roles.

M: 0449 150 117
E: [email protected]
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

With over 20 years’ experience in finance, Mark has extensive knowledge of the real estate and finance industry which can assist his clients with the minefield of lending structures available.

Mark prides himself on his exceptional level of service to every client regardless of their needs. With over $400 Million in settled loans, this is a true testimony to his commitment to his clients.

Having a young family of his own Mark understands that the pressures of life and having someone to be able to trust and rely on through, what can be, the most stressful time of their lives is important.

This is where Mark truly shines. Mark not only strives to ease the stress but also has the ability to make the purchase of a new home an exciting one, which is the way it should be.

Mark is also an avid supporter of his community by establishing and supporting local sporting and charity organisations.


2017 – Winner – Better Business Awards – Community Engagement Award – Qld

2016 – Winner – Mortgage & Finance Assoc of Australia Awards – Community Champion Award – Qld

2016 – Finalist – Australian Broking Awards – Social & Community Engagement Program Award

2015 – Finalist – Better Business Awards – Community Engagement Award

2015 & 2012 – Recipient of City of Ipswich Medallion for community work

2011 – Finalist – MFAA Awards – Brokerage of the Year

2010 – Finalist – MFAA Awards – Broker of the Year

2010 – Finalist – Australian Mortgage Awards – Broker of the Year ( Franchise )

2010 – Finalist – Australian Mortgage Awards – New Office on the Block

2008 – Loan Market International Broker of the Year

2007 – 2016 Elite Performer – Loan Market

A Gold Coast local, Xavier loves being an active member of the community. He loves getting out in the Queensland sunshine, going boating, jet skiing and relaxing on the beach whenever he can.

Xavier’s extensive experience and knowledge in Finance & Property makes him a real asset to any borrower. With a Diploma in Financial Services and a Degree in Financial Planning, Xavier understands that a holistic approach to Property onwership & investing is paramount to success.

He believes that the foundation to a good investment portfolio starts with a finance structure that allows for the best management of cash flow, tax optimisation, risk minimisation and growth.


For over 15 years, Xavier has been helping clients achieve their home ownership dreams & property portfolios goals. He has specialised in

Getting First Home buyers in their own home sooner with No Deposit* needed
Helping Home Owners pay off their mortgage faster & sooner
Assisted hundreds of succesful Investors structuring and actively managing their finance & property portfolios
Guiding Investors invest in property through their Self Managed Super funds (SMSF)
Helping those who have had credit issues or been subject to Bankruptcy get back into a home with strategies utilising Non conforming loans to cleanse them back to AAA credit status


Classed as one of the elite in the industry, Xavier has won prestigious industry awards in recognition for his dedication, passion, achievements and service.

Top 100 Mortgage Brokers 2015
Finalist ‘Broker of the year’ at the Better Business Awards 2015
Winner ‘Broker of the year’ at the FAST Excellence Awards 2015
Finalist ‘Broker of the year’ at the Australian Mortgage Awards 2014
Finalist ‘Broker of the year’ at the FAST Excellence Awards 2014
Elite ‘Top 50’ Business Writers 2010
Top 100 Mortgage Brokers 2010
Winner ‘Broker of the year’ at the FAST Excellence Awards 2010

1/14-28 Ivan Street,
Arundel QLD 4214

Your Loan Solutions is owned and run by Marti Nemet who has over 9 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

Marti has helped many clients to secure financial solutions that match their circumstances and help them achieve their goals – whether it’s better insurance cover, a property purchase or competitive rates for a business or personal loan.

“Initially I worked in real estate, before pursuing a career as a mortgage broker where I’ve since gained a unique set of skills and knowledge that ensures I understand your lending needs, and can provide you with a professional, appropriate and personal service,” says Marti.

Choosing your broker is one of the most important aspects when making major financial decisions.
Your Loan Solutions is the professional you can trust. We’re by your side and on your side when you have to make financial decisions in your personal or business life.

They give you the personal touch

Your Loan Solutions provides the personal service that bigger operators such as the major banks and comparison sites just aren’t set up to deliver. Getting to know a customer’s situation and needs is really important – and often the “”tick box”” and online applications approach of the bigger players just isn’t flexible enough to deal with the very specific circumstances of clients who are self-employed, have special credit histories or are in a “”non-standard”” situation.

Your Loan Solutions takes the time to understand you and we use our industry expertise to find you the very best product to suit your circumstances.
Home loans, business finance, personal finance and more

Your Loan Solutions’ core service is assisting home buyers – from acquiring pre-approval to securing loans and assisting with settlement.

They also offer a comprehensive a range of additional brokerage services. These include re-financing, car loans and personal loans, business loans, self-managed super fund loans and insurance brokerage.

Let us help connect you with the